NJ Mobile Concrete Crushing

C.Royce Demolition is a NJ  commercial demolition contractor that  performs all concrete crushing onsite, no need for additional transport.  In many cases the newly crushed material is usable material that can be repurposed as base material for your paving project.

Mobile Concrete Crushing

Whether it is a commercial, industrial, or residential job site, concrete crushing needs are common, and our team of experts and mobile concrete crushing equipment is standing by to assist you on your various projects. Whether the material is concrete, brick, rock, asphalt, or any number of other types of material, our equipment is up to the task. The equipment that we use is so powerful that it can crush material down to either 1”, 3”, or 6” pieces. Just like Burger King, you can have it your way. Whatever size you need, our equipment is suited to take care of it.

An entire parking lot demo’d and the materials crushed to smithereens right before your eyes … just another day on the job site for the expert crew at C. Royce Demolition. A brick building torn down and the brick materials crushed into little bite size nuggets? Been there, done that. Just ask our satisfied customers. Whatever you need, we get it done. It really is that simple. And with our mobile equipment, we are on your job site quicker than you can sign on the dotted line.

Once our team has completed your concrete crushing job, it’s up to you to decide what to do with the resulting crushed material. You can keep the rubble and use it on another project, which is certainly cost-effective (save time, money, and manpower!) for our clients if there is an upcoming need that the material would be useful for, or we can haul it away and dispose of it quickly and efficiently. Once the project is complete, our crew will clean up the job site and you won’t even know that we’ve been there.

And, of course, it almost goes without saying that we adhere to the strictest safety guidelines and regulations while we’re working on your job. Whether it’s a small job for your backyard, or a massive undertaking in the middle of downtown Denville or Parsippany, we follow strict protocol from the word go to protect you, our team, and your job site.

Mobile Concrete Crushing Contractor

Our mobile concrete crushing services will reduce concrete or asphalt to 6”, 3” or 1” sizes depending on your job’s requirement.   Removing concrete or asphalt and trucking it to landfill in large chunks is inefficient and expensive.  Larger chunks take up more room in a trailer and aren’t reusable.  Our mobile concrete crushing service can maximize the space in disposal trailer (fewer loads to landfill).

We service northern New Jersey and the tri-state area. 

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Mobile Concrete Crushing

Our NJ mobile concrete crushing services will reduce concrete or asphalt to 6”, 3” or 1” sizes depending on your job’s requirement.