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If you’re looking for the right NJ commercial demolition contractor, there are a few major things to take into consideration prior to pulling the trigger on one. These types of projects require careful planning and high-levels of knowledge and experience. That said, you need to make sure that you choose an NJ commercial demolition contractor who is for the job. If you need to hire a commercial demolition contractor in NJ, below are some tips to help you find the ideal one for your project.

Tips for Choosing an NJ Commercial Demolition Contractor

Formulate A Plan:

Prior to contacting any NJ commercial demolition contractor, it’s very important that you make a clear plan of what you want to achieve. While contracting companies can assist where you are new to the process, having clear objectives at the start of the project will help things go much more smoothly.

If you have a set plan, you will be less likely to get sidetracked when you start speaking to companies about the task you need them to work on.

Get Multiple Quotes:

Request and compare various quotes before deciding on one. When comparing quotes, be on the lookout for affordable pricing that matches or beats other contractors and reassures great service. You must pay attention to detail when comparing quotes to avoid unexpected hiccups down the road.

It’s crucial to always ask for a quote or contract in writing. It may feel a bit redundant and unnecessary, but it is a crucial step that can save you in the long-term alongside any reassurances provided by construction agents.

Consider Experience:

An NJ commercial demolition company might look nice at an initial glance, but you need a closer look at just how much experience supports that shine. Experience, or lack thereof, can affect the timeline completion of projects and potentially your budget.

Ask for previous testimonials and portfolios of past work completed. When reviewing these, carefully look at previous customers’ points of approval and discontent. What may seem like small remarks about professionalism and safety on-site can impact the overall project more than you might realize at first.

Make a Clear Timeline:

Examine the clarity of timelines provided by the commercial demolition contractors. This will allow further planning on other projects to follow. It’s important to look at their experience of delivering projects according to their scheduled timelines without compromising on quality. Avoid the contractors that are slightly vague about such details.

Legal Protection

A good sales pitch and a quick email or phone call reply is one sign of a good company, but there are other more important details to look into before selecting your commercial demolition contractor in NJ.

Make sure you assess the legalities of it all. Find out whether they have proof of license to operate and insurance coverage. Find out how extensive the insurance is.

It’s also highly recommended that you consider compliance. Consider any warnings, tales of previous safety non-compliance, or other issues that occurred in the past. This is a good way to protect yourself from getting mixed up with a shady demolition contractor.

Good Safety Record:

Should anyone suffer any injuries on site, you might be responsible as the site owner. One way to protect yourself from these potential occurrences is to question the safety record of the New Jersey demolition contractors you are considering.

Do They Have the Proper Equipment?

No matter how professional and experienced a New Jersey commercial demolition contractor may appear, it is pointless if they do not have updated equipment to match it.

Demolition contractors in New Jersey need to provide equipment and use tools, like concrete crushers and high-reach excavators, to support the work they do. Heavy-grade machinery and knowledge of using the most advanced technologies are necessary to deliver a successful project completion.

Do They Clean Up Afterwards?

This is an important factor that should not be overlooked. Ideally, you want a New Jersey demolition company that takes pride in their work and automatically provides a cleaning-up or site clearing service. This job is a task on its own and not an added expense that you want to take on after the demolition. It includes making the land secure and hazard-free before any construction can begin.

NJ Commercial Demolition

35 years experience. We demolish residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. With every project we take on, safety is our number one concern, and we believe in providing professional and efficient services in a timely manner

Office Demolition

Demolishing an office or retail building while not disrupting your neighbor’s business takes experience, planning and the best equipment.  C.Royce Demolition has demolished  office & retail buildings all oever the  NJ/tri-state area. 

Plant Dismantling

Our  NJ Plant Dismantling team is expert in securing power, gas, water & sewer lines in order to safely dismantle a plant.

Mobile Concrete Crushing

All concrete crushing is performed onsite, no need for additional transport resulting in significant savings.

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Video Gallery of our Recent NJ DEmolition Projects

Serving New Jersey and Surrounding Areas

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Demolition Contractor in New Jersey

C.Royce Demolition is New Jersey’s premier demolition contractor specializing in many types of demolition services such as: 

  • Building demolition
  • Interior Demolition
  • Plant Dismantling
  • Mobile Concrete Crushing

Our projects range from mid sized to massive commercial projects.  We demolish residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. With every project we take on, safety is our number one concern, and we believe in providing professional and efficient services in a timely manner. Emergency service is available, we are there when and where you need us.

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Hazardous Material

Hazardous material is frequently encountered during a demolition project.  Our team is trained to recognize these types of material and coordinate with the appropriate partner companies for its save handling.


On Time, On Budget

Our years of experience has enabled us to bring in your job on time and on budget.


High Quality Construction Management

Demolition jobs are complicated.  Coordinating with local government permits,  utility contractors,  remediation contractors, etc.. we are well equiped to manage the many moving parts of your project.

Emergency Demolition is our Speciality

When this multi-family buiding burned in Paterson, the city contacted us to demolish the structure and we were on-site immediately.  Working closely with city officials we were able to have this building demo’d and the site cleared in record time.

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Building Demolition Contractor

Demolishing a complete building requires careful planning and execution of the project to ensure safety for the crew as well as for the overall project.  Before beginning the demolition,

our team will inspect the building for hazardous materials such as asbestos.  If hazardous materials are found, proper abatement processes are followed which may require the services of a speciality contractor to assist with removal of those materials. 

Utilities attached to a house or commercial building are a big consideration and the experience of a commercial demolition contractor is required.  Accidentally damaging a power or sewer line during a demo project can add significant time and expense to the new project that is to be built on the excavated site.  Our team is experienced in identifying all the attached utilities and correctly and safely disconnecting them in preparation of the demolition job. 

After the utilities are safely disconnected from the building the demo process will begin.  As a top New Jersey demolition contractor, C.Royce Demolition will use their fleet of commercial grade excavators to knock down a building.   Our excavators are also frequently outfitted with other attachments such as shears to cut steel where a torch or open flame is inappropriate or a hammer to break up concrete.   We are well equipped with the right equipment for any industrial or residential job


We’ve Been Demolishing Structures For Over 35 years

Interior Demolition Contractor

Demolishing the interior of a building while leaving the exterior in tact requires as special skill set.   C.Royce Demolition has a number of successful interior demolition jobs under our belt.  Our focus is on commercial projects such as converting a movie theater into a health club all while leaving the exterior walls essentially untouched.   Like any demo project we start with a thorough survey of the job to understand hazardous material and the scope of the utility situation – reuse or remove.

From there we can remove wall, windows even break up and remove concrete flooring.  We are meticulous with our work and our interior demo jobs will be clean and ready for your contractor to come in and transform your space.   If you job requires an interior demolition contractor, give C.Royce Demolition a call.