NJ Plant Dismantling

As a NJ Demolition Contractor, we know that Plant dismantling can be much more complicated than a standard knock-down job depending on the type of products once manufactured in that plant.   There is the possibility that hazardous chemicals will be found on-site, this requires examination, identification and then, if necessary, selection of the right contractor to safely remove them within government guidelines. 

Plant Dismantling Contractor

Complete plant dismantling can be a monumental and daunting task involving many intricate steps, and one that must be handled with caution. To do this, you must hire the right company for the job from the beginning, and C. Royce Demolition is the solution to your needs. Covering the entire Morris County area, from Pequannock to Parsippany, and all points in between, plant dismantling projects are a cornerstone of our business, and we look forwarding to working with you to meet your expectations.

Upon hiring us, our team of experts will consult with you to outline exactly what needs to be done and to develop a plan to complete the tasks in a timely manner. Whether it’s a commercial or industrial project, we have considerable experience in both and put safety at the top of our list when handling the job.  Once the dismantling project has been completed, as the plant equipment is decommissioned, we will then review the materials and equipment to see if any of it can be reused or recommissioned elsewhere. After all, the slogan, “reduce, reuse, recycle” doesn’t have to just pertain to paper products and newspapers – we endeavor to take the environmentally-friendly approach to everything that we can. Even our plant dismantling projects.

Tearing down abandoned plants or closed properties are a specialty of ours, and the perfect complement to our demolition business. We have the right experts and the right tools to handle the project safely and efficiently. Once the plant or property has been dismantled, we can also assist with the demolition aspect of the project as well.

Our plant dismantling projects range in size, from the dismantling of a single piece of equipment or machinery, to the dismantling of an entire closed plant. All of our work processes and flow follow the strictest safety rules and regulations, and you can trust that we are taking all the proper, necessary precautions, from initial permitting to material disposal, from project inception to completion, to keep a safe and clean work site and protect all of your interests. Our excellent safety track record and reputation speaks for itself.

From Dover to Montville, Chatham to Chester, and everywhere else in Morris County, New Jersey, our trusted team of experts has the necessary expertise and resources and is ready to talk to you about your plant mantling project needs. Call us or email us today to get started.

Plant Demolition Contractor

After potential hazards are removed utilities have to be addressed.  Like a commercial building demo, disconnecting and capping utilities to a plant is a complicated process which should be handled by professionals.  C.Royce Demolition’s Plant Dismantling team is expert in securing power, gas, water & sewer lines in order to safely dismantle a plant.

Plant equipment is another consideration, is the equipment salvageable?  Is it reusable or even salable?   Our team can dismantle and demolish plant equipment or we can remove it to prepare for resale or reuse. 

 Plant Dismantling is a big task that requires careful planning and consideration by a team of highly skilled individuals. Industrial demolition is an area of expertise of C.Royce Demolition and is a project type we excel in.

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